List of services offered at Maree & Pace, Mpulo – Attorneys and Conveyancers

With our high level of expertise in conveyancing our service includes, but are not limited to:

  • Drawing of contracts,
  • Estate transfers,
  • Subdivisions,
  • Consolidations and transfers of property,
  • Registration and cancellation of bonds for banks or privately.

We strive to always give service of impeccable professional character, to be friendly, courteous, accurate, swift and efficient.

This is achieved by using the latest technology available to conveyances.

This is the second leg of expertise that the firm specialises in.

This department also offers clients the same level of professional service and value as in the conveyancing department.

Our services here include but are not limited to:

  • Issue of Summons,
  • Court representation,
  • Divorce,
  • High Court Applications,
  • Interdicts,
  • Labour Law,
  • Family Law,
  • Motorvehicle accident claims,
  • Debt collecting.

This has been field of expertise for many years and includes the administration of deceased estates and insolvent estates.

The firm is a member of The Association of Insolvency Practitioners of SA .

The services offered here are:

  • Estate planning,
  • Drafting of wills,
  • Reporting of deceased estates to the Master of the High Court, Registration of trusts.

Property transfers related to estates are attended to in-house by the conveyancing department.

To ensure quality, efficiency and ease of operation in the provision of legal service, cutting edge technology is sourced and utilised throughout the company.

In particular, Ghostconvey software by Korbitec Solutions, the de facto standard conveyancing system in South Africa, is used extensively in the conveyancing component of the firms work.

In addition to the above the firm also rely on Lawyers Access Web and Reginet which is required to communicate with the banks for receiving instructions and keeping the the banks updated on transactions.

The special software enables the firm to operate a computerised management system, which allows direct access to the deeds office, sms communication to estate agents, buyers and sellers or any other party involved in the transaction.

The technology available also allows the firm to submit payment of transfer Duty electronically through the e-filing system of SARS.

We also offer client a credit card facility for the payment of costs or even payment of debt by debtors.

To facilitate the registration and cancellation of bonds Maree & Pace, Mpulo serves on the panels of most major banks; ABSA, Nedbank and FNB.

Being electronically linked to the banks speeds up the registration process, improving efficiency and service.

The company has also been authorised by the banks to sign guarantees and cancellation documents on their behalf, further improving service.

The firm also serves as a fulltime panel member of Bondchoice Mortgage Originators, the second largest mortgage origination company in South Africa.

Litigation and debt collection

The firm serves on the panel of the legal department for ABSA bank and also acts as correspondent for matters in which the other banks are involved.

Detailed spectrum of specialised services

  • Property Law

    • Negotiating the sale and purchase of property.
    • Structuring property transactions.
    • Advice on property development.
    • Drafting of sale agreements.
    • Registration of property transactions.
    • Arranging the registrations of bonds Rezoning.
    • Consolidation and subdivision of property.
    • Township development Lease agreements.

  • Commercial Law

    • Registration of companies/Close corporations.
    • Registrations of Trusts.
    • Drafting of contracts (Sale of Business/Assets).
    • Partnership agreements.
    • Shareholders agreements.
    • Co-operation agreements.

  • Litigation

    • Magistrate Court matters.
    • High court matters.
    • Motor vehicle accident claims.
    • Labour Law.
    • Debt collection.

  • Family Law

    • Ante nuptial Contracts.
    • Divorce matters.
    • Maintenance
    • Custody.

  • Estate Planning & Wills

    • Drafting of wills.
    • Administration of Deceased.
    • Estates.
    • Deceased property transfers.
    • Administration of insolvent estates.
    • Consolidation of debt.
    • Administration orders.